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The Band is coming from SOUTH-GERMANY, City: Stuttgart


Oliver Kraus

Riche Schwarz




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Listen to 2021 New CD “Just do it”

Just do it - Teaser

Just do it - Teaser 2

Songs from CD “Superficial Satisfaction?”
Let´s talk about (Zydeco)
Chili Boogie (Zydeco-Rhythm&Blues)
Stir you up (Hard-Zydeco)
Latent Blue (own style)
Oh Rosalina (Rhythm&Blues)
Vamos Danzar Tejano (Texmex-Polka)
Au revoir, oh Mardi Gras (Cajun).

Songs from CD “Melting Pot Collect.”:
Hey Papa Joe (Zydeco)
I wanna know (Zydeco-Rock)
Olis Hot Waltz (Cajun)

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 GEMA-Eigenpräsentation, “Es gelten die Vorschriften des deutschen Urheberrechts in seiner jeweiligen Fassung. Alle Rechte des Urhebers 958 004 / Oliver E. Kraus an den geschützen Werken, die auf der Website enthalten sind, bleiben vorbehalten. Ohne ausdrückliche Genehmigung durch die GEMA darf eine weitergehende Nutzung der Werke, über das Anhören der eingestellten Musikwerke hinaus, nicht erfolgen.


PressInfo from the Band:

Warning! This is high energy music! Consult your doctor before listening to this band; because you´re going to loose a lot of weight dancing to their music. As one of the best rockin´ Zydeco-bands from Europe, they will charge up your soul and put fire under your feet. With their own songs, famous originals from Louisiana and many “zydecoized” cover arrangements they offer you a complete accordion-danceparty.... So get up and shake your bootie!

This bands versatility is constantly growing to meet the needs of an ever expanding public. They started in 1994 with traditional Zydecomusic, then they “zydecoized” rock, blues and cajun. And now they´ve mixed their “sauce piquante” into texmex, latin and rhythm&blues, too! They perform songs from Buckwheat Zydeco, C.J.Chenier, Zachary Richard
as well as Los Lobos, Iguanas, Van Morrison, Golden Earring, Ray Charles...

What the others say - press comments:

DIRTY LINEN (USA) 12/2004 Paul Hartmann -
"..take a pinch of C.J.Chenier, a spoonful of vintage Nick Lowe, stir in a dollop of Los Lobos and bake em in a German oven - and the resulting concoction is Zydeco-Playboy´s splendid “Superficial Satisfaction?”...it totally works from a dance sensibility, mainly due to the crafty arrangements, infectious melodies, endless hooks, effects and surprises....

BLUES NEWS - Germany (Dirk Föhrs)-
"..Your CD is terrific without any doubt. A very well production on an extremly high level... A hot candidate for the award “Vierteljahrespreis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik” ....

STUTTGARTER ZEITUNG - Germany (Uwe Hopf) -
...Perhaps it is a presumptuous claim to say that about a band from South-Germany, but if the Zydeco-Playboys  live in Louisiana, they rank as one of the big visionary of that genre....

HOME OF ROCK - Germany (Joachim Domrath) -
“..a heavy thing of music...magnificient arrangements with real class...”What your awaitin´ for” is a rhythm-shell  class A with a fat accordion - “Stir you up”  a hammermixture within Texas-Boogie-Rock,Cajun&Zydeco and hot guitars - up to “Voodoo in the Bayou” - Dr.John-Jamrock par excellence with fine percussion - to the bluesyjazzy tune “Superficial Satisfaction” (I think Sonia Dada is greeting here) - The instrumental level of this band don´t even reach Chris Bellau & ZydecoHounds ....Man, this stuff is fun!

ZYDECOM - USA (Gary Dauphin) -
...This CD (”Womens only?”) Is so darn good... So what if these guys weren´t born near the rice fields of Lake Charles? They still play Zydeco the way it was meant to be played: from the heart...

ROOTS MAGAZINE - Belgium (George Tonla) -
“..you ask if I like it? It is the best Zydeco-CD I heard in month!....

RADIO HOSTEBRO - Danemark (Kjell Andreassen) -
...The best Zydeco I ever heard!...

RADIO THORSHAMMER - Norway (Eivind Henriksen) -
...I couldn´t believe this is a german band...

ROOTS MUSIC BRUSSELS - Belgium (Guido van Pevenage) -
…Hun eerste cd “Women's Only?” was meteen een voltreffer. …

Oliver plays


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